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You can lend us a hand as we make Michigan healthier

Decisions being made in Lansing and Washington D.C. can have a big impact on the health of our communities. Together we can inform decision-makers about the impacts their proposals would have on local health and healthcare delivery as we advocate for the health of all Michiganders.


Listen & Learn from the Experts

In our new podcast series, the MiCare Champion Cast, we’ll talk to healthcare policy experts in Michigan on key issues that impact healthcare and the health of our communities.

This series will consist of 8 episodes and cover topics like the auto no-fault insurance system, the opioid crisis and more.

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Current Issues


Protect Auto No-Fault

The issue of auto no-fault reform is once again surfacing in Lansing. In the past, these proposals have typically included drastic cuts to benefits available to auto accident survivors without ensuring consumer protections or addressing overuse, inappropriate care and fraudulent claims.

Michigan hospitals support improvements to our auto no-fault system that can actually deliver savings to drivers while protecting access to care for injured Michiganders. Read more.

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Patient Safety and Quality of Care

All Michigan hospitals are now voluntarily participating in MHA Keystone Center programs to improve the safety and quality of healthcare by reducing hospital-acquired infections, increasing the rate of safe medication disposal, improving outcomes through safe pain management and more.

If you work in the healthcare industry, you can help by getting involved in your organization’s Patient Safety and Quality Initiatives.

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Protect the Healthy Michigan Plan

The Healthy Michigan Plan, Michigan’s Medicaid expansion program, provides more than 600,000 working Michiganders with comprehensive, affordable health insurance. It is making Michigan healthier – driving down the uninsured rate in the cities like Detroitimproving people’s lives, and helping our economy.

Repealing the ACA and Medicaid expansion would jeopardize the Healthy Michigan Plan and the health of hundreds of thousands of people. Read more.

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