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Become a MiCare Champion

In Washington D.C. and Lansing, lawmakers take actions that affect your health and the healthcare system that serves you, your family and community in Michigan.

You can lend us a hand by spreading the word about issues that impact healthcare in our state and talking to your elected officials about building a healthier Michigan.


Joining Hands to Champion Michigan’s Health

When your passion is to serve others, it’s not a part-time job. It’s a calling.

For the 228,000 people who work in hospitals across Michigan, their work extends beyond the walls of hospitals as they build healthier communities across the state.

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Leading the Way to Healthy Communities

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Michigan hospitals aren’t just there for you when you’re sick. In fact, hospitals in Michigan provide more than $2 billion annually in community benefits across the state—programs that help keep people healthy and out of the hospital and help patients and their families recover when they are sick or injured.

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Listen & Learn from the Experts

Our podcast, the MiCare Champion Cast, features interviews with healthcare policy experts in Michigan about key issues that impact healthcare and the health of our communities.

Episodes cover topics like the auto no-fault insurance system, the opioid crisis and more.

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Helping Hands in the Community

Violence Intervention Program

The cycle of violence has taken a huge toll on the city of Detroit: When someone is injured in an act of violence, they are more likely to end up injured again, incarcerated or dead. That’s why Michigan’s first hospital-based violence intervention program, Detroit Life Is Valuable Everyday (DLIVE), was created – to stop this cycle.

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Farming & Nutrition

West Branch Regional Medical Center’s Tolfree Wellness Park provides a 3.3-mile trail for walking clubs, 5K races, bicycling and leisurely walks with friends and family. Additional programs provide education, training and support to connect nutrition and an active lifestyle with a better quality of life.

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Fundraising for Cancer Patients

The Mackinac Straights Health Foundation created an annual community fundraiser called “Hooping for a Cure,” which takes place around a St. Ignace High School girls basketball game and provides financial assistance for travel and lodging for cancer patients who have to travel to larger health systems for treatment.

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Healthcare in the Hands of Michiganders

In 2016, there were 603,450 direct healthcare jobs in Michigan and $36.5 billion in direct wages, salaries and benefits.
Among Michigan's leading economic sectors, healthcare comprises 52% of direct jobs in the state compared to education at 34% and automotive manufacturing at 14%.
$76 billion is the total impact of healthcare on Michigan jobs
In 2016, 19 of every 100 jobs in Michigan were directly or indirectly related to or induced by healthcare. These jobs generated $58 billion a year in wages, salaries and benefits and $17 billion a year in tax revenue for a combined total value of $76 billion.
Michigan hospitals alone provide nearly 240,000 direct jobs.
40 percent of Michigan healthcare workers are employed by hospitals. The wages, salaries and benefits of Michigan hospital employees make up 46% of the sector payroll.
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